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Who are Baxi Boilers?

As you may be aware Baxi boilers have a superb reputation earned over many years for being:

  • High performing.
  • Reliable.


You can also rely on the company to be around for many years to come as it can trace its heritage back to 1866.  How many other boiler manufacturers are able to give you the same level of confidence?  In addition, Baxi boilers are a favourite with both homeowners and installers and are manufactured in the U.K.  You will also find Baxi boilers well represented in surveys of consumers in both:

  • Reliability.
  • Ease of use.

Baxi boilers come into three main categories, these are:


Combination (combi) boilers.

System boilers.

Regular boilers (also known as: Heat Only, Traditional, Conventional).


We have provided a summary below explaining each type:

Baxi Combination Boilers (Combi Boilers)

This type of boiler is the most frequently selected boiler type for the provision of gas fuelled central heating and hot water in a domestic setting.  This is because they are:


    • Economical.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Easy to put into a residence.


One of the great things about the combination type of boiler is all the parts needed to provide your property with hot water and hot radiators comes in a single compact cabinet.  This approach has the significant benefit to the homeowner of not having to find space for a hot water storage cylinder or a water tank in a loft space.

The combination boiler is also economical as it only creates hot water as it is demanded.  As the water supply is sourced from the main supply it also means the rate of flow from the tap is more than adequate.

The combination boiler is very well suited to a home that has a single bathroom.  This is because if greater than one hot water tap is being used it can impact the flow rate.  If, however you have more than one bathroom please see the section below on System boilers.

You should be aware that in 2018 there was a regulation change relating to buildings, resulting in all installation of boilers having to have a room thermostat and a timer.  For the installation of combination boilers there must in addition be one of the items from the list below of energy efficiency measures:

  • Heat recovery of flue gas.
  • Compensation for load.
  • Compensation for weather.
  • Smart control with automation and optimisations.

Baxi Regular Boilers (also known as: Heat Only, Traditional or Conventional Boilers)

A Regular boiler system is a good choice for homes that are located in areas that have low water pressure or homes that contain many bathrooms.

You are likely to currently have a regular boiler if you currently have the following in your property:


  • An expansion tank of a small size.
  • A bigger storage cistern for cold water within the loft space.


Where you do have an old regular boiler in your residence it may be that replacing the boiler with the same type but of a newer and more efficient model might be the right option.  In this situation it is necessary that consideration be made to the following;


  • Will the rest of the system be able to cope with the higher pressure of water provided by a system boiler or combination type boiler if you were to go that way?


The Regular boiler system requires:


  • A pair of tanks to be in the loft space.
    • Tank One: Pulls water from the mains supply and puts it in the hot water cylinder
    • Tank Two (expansion/feed tank): Maintains the water level within the heating system to the level needed. In addition is allows for expansion in both tanks as the water gets hot.
  • Hot water storage cylinder.
    • The water contained in the cylinder is heated by the boiler.
  • A pump to move the generated hot water around.
  • A timer.
  • A room thermostat.


The main and excellent benefit of a regular boiler system is you can have a number of hot water taps running concurrently.  This benefit means this type of system is superb for the busy family home that has a number of bathrooms.

You should be aware that in 2018 there was a regulation change relating to buildings, resulting in all installation of boilers must have a room thermostat and a timer.

Baxi System Boilers

If your home requires more hot water than a combination boiler can provide you should look at a system boiler as a possible option.  The good news about a system boiler is the following items are held within the system boiler:


  • Pump.
  • Expansion vessel.
  • Major items of the hot water and heating system.


In this system it is a hot water storage cylinder that is the source of hot water to your radiators and taps.  The great news about this type of system is that is removes the requirement for an expansion cistern or feed in the lost space of your property.  This means no need to worry about leaks from the ceiling or frost causing damage the pipes in the loft space.


Due to the built-in pump a system boiler heating system will give you hot water at a high rate of flow meaning:


  • Powerful showers.
  • Quickly filled baths.


The above excellent advantages are provided whilst not causing the hot water taps to run cold elsewhere in the property.  In addition, the Baxi system boilers are compatible with water storage cylinders that are unvented.

You should be aware that in 2018 there was a regulation change relating to buildings, resulting in all installation of boilers must have a room thermostat and a timer.

Baxi Boiler Types and Model Range

Combi Boilers

  • Baxi 100: 24 or 28 kW
  • Baxi 200: 24 or 28 kW
  • Baxi 400: 24 or 28 kW
  • Baxi 600: 24, 30 or 36 kW
  • Baxi Duo-Tec: 24, 28, 33 or 40 kW
  • Baxi EcoBlue Advance: 24, 28, 33 or 40 kW
  • Baxi EcoBlue+: 24, 28 or 33 kW
  • Baxi Platinum Combi: 24, 28, 33 or 40 kW
  • Baxi 100 LPG: 24 or 28 kW
  • Baxi 400 LPG: 28 kW
  • Baxi 600 LPG: 24 or 30 kW
  • Baxi Duo-Tec LPG: 24, 28, 33 or 40 kW

System Boilers

  • Baxi EcoBlue System: 12, 15, 18, 24, 28 or 32 kW
  • Baxi Mega-flo System: 15, 18, 24, 28 or 32 kW

Regular Boilers

  • Baxi 200 Heat: 12, 15, 18, 24 or 30 kW
  • Baxi 400 Heat: 12, 15, 18, 24 or 30 kW
  • Baxi EcoBlue Advance Heat: 13, 16, 19, 21, 25, 30kW
  • Baxi EcoBlue Heat: 15, 18, 21 or 24 kW

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