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Oil Boiler Repair Services

AddHeat offer our expert oil boiler repairs and maintenance services to our customers in and around the Cheshire and Manchester areas.

We are based in Wilmslow and Cheadle and are a family run business offering speedy and efficient oil boiler repairs and maintenance services.

Our friendly team of oil fired boiler and heating engineers are OFTEC registered and have years of knowledge and experience in central heating and in particular oil boilers.

We highly recommend that you have your oil boiler serviced each year to help you keep it free of issues and to reduce the risk of breakdown right when you need it most. However, should you suffer from an oil boiler breakdown, we are the team to trust to get it working again as fast as possible.

The care of oil-fueled boilers needs dedicated and specialist knowledge, which our team have. Your oil boiler repairs will be completed by one of our local boiler engineers and any replacement parts used will be high-quality manufacturer-approved components. We never use cheap parts when it comes to repairs and taking the best care of your oil boiler.

Grant oil boiler in a kitchen with mother and child

Why choose AddHeat for your oil boiler repairs?

AddHeat pride itself on the depth of knowledge and skills of our team of boiler engineers. Our oil-fired boiler specialist team members are OFTEC certified, which means they have undertaken specialist training in the care and maintenance of oil-fueled boilers and heating systems.

We truly care about our customers and know that building a loyal customer base is the way our business will continue to thrive. We always put our customers first and will go out of our way to make sure that you will be completely satisfied with our oil-boiler repair and maintenance services.

Every customer is delivered with a fast, efficient and caring service, no matter whether you need your oil-fired boiler serviced or your boiler has broken down, has lost power or has developed a worrying leak.

We are unrivalled in our area for our in-depth knowledge and years of experience with oil-fired boiler installation, maintenance and repair services. If you have a boiler emergency, we can get an engineer out ASAP to get your boiler back in working order again.

Don’t risk expensive oil leaks

In recent years there has been a huge surge in claims for leaks from oil-fuelled central heating systems. Oil leaks can be dangerous and in some cases, householders have paid out up to £30k in repair bills.

With about 1.5m UK properties being powered by oil-fuelled heating, oil leaks can go unnoticed, especially if the leaks are happening underground. But the numbers of leaks are on the rise and have doubled since 2018. The costs of repairing oil leaks can top £30,000 – a sum that most homeowners are unprepared for.

This is why people with oil-fuelled properties are now being urged to check their boiler and heating system regularly because of the near 50% increase in insurance claims to cover the costs of repairing oil leaks.

Insurance company Aviva reported that they received a 48% rise in claims between 2019 and 2020 to cover faults and repairs to oil-fuelled systems. This is thought to be because the materials used in the construction of these systems during the 1960s and 70s are now reaching the end of their usable life.

Worrying signs that you have a problem

There are signs you can look out for that could indicate that you have an issue with your oil-boiler or heating system, such as how much oil your system is using. If you notice a sudden increase in oil consumption, it could be a sign of an inefficient boiler or a leak in the system.

According to Aviva, more than half of the issues with oil-fuelled systems were due to pipework failures. About a fifth of claims was down to oil tank failures, but you also need to ensure that your oil boiler is in good working order to avoid inefficiencies and to keep your fuel bills down.

If you do have a serious problem with your oil-fuelled heating system you could face a lot of disruption and expense if it is not detected early and fixed.

How AddHeat can help

If you own an oil boiler you need to have it serviced regularly to prevent long-term damage from occurring. Oil boilers can suffer from a build-up of soot residue on internal components, such as the baffles, which can cause major inefficiencies with your boiler.

Neglecting your boiler and allowing soot residue to build up can seriously affect the safe flow of fluids through the boiler. The baffles can become clogged up with layers of hardened residue, making it almost impossible for the baffles to be removed without damaging them beyond repair.

A new set of baffles can be very expensive, so it can save you a lot of time and money to have your oil boiler regularly serviced with AddHeat. By following up on any repair work using our oil boiler maintenance service, our specialist boiler engineer will be able to spot any issues before they become a major problem.

Prevention is better than cure

When we repair or service your boiler we will check the integrity of all working parts. We can replace any worn or perishing parts before they cause issues that can lead to damage being done to other components, resulting in an expensive boiler breakdown.

It can help to report any unusual things to us, such as a sudden increase in oil consumption, poor performance or evidence of any leaks from either the boiler or the connecting pipework. We can check to see if there are any problems with your oil boiler, or if the issue could be with your oil tank or supply pipework.

If we suspect that you may have an oil leak from your underground tank or pipes, it can help to spot this as early as possible. With oil leaks coming from concealed pipes that have burst or are leaking from a loose joint, it can mean a very expensive clean-up operation. This is something that shouldn’t be neglected and checking your system starts with having your oil boiler inspected for faults.

We can repair any issues we find with your boiler and also perform regular pressure testing that will allow us to check that your concealed pipes are in good working order. We can spot any potential problems before they become a serious issue.

According to OFTEC, the leading trade organisation for the heating industry in the UK, you should have your oil boiler serviced every year and your pipes pressure tested every five years. However, if your system is particularly old, it is worth having your pipes pressure tested each year to spot any developing issues as early as possible.

If your oil boiler has broken down, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team for a swift repair. You can also find out more about our oil boiler servicing to help keep your boiler in perfect working order.

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To ensure our customers receive a high standard of workmanship and professionalism,
our company is accredited and monitored by several trade and industry bodies.
We are:
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- Grant Approved Oil Boiler Installers.