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Warm Air Heating

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Here at AddHeat we maintain Warm Air Heating Systems across Cheshire, Stockport and Manchester. Take a look at our reviews from our previous happy customers.

We do our best to work to all budgets.

Based in Cheadle, we install over 500 boilers a year – making us experts in heating services here in the North West. We’re also members of the Federation of Master Builders.

Warm air heating is also sometimes referred to as a ducted air system. It was at its most popular as a heating installation back in the 1960s and 1970s. As time progressed and other boiler technologies moved forward warm air heating systems became seen as surpassed by radiator systems that were water filled.

The question you are likely to be asking yourself now is:

  • Has the technology of warm air heating advanced and is it a realistic and appropriate option for heating my home?

Please read on and we think you will find the answers you seek on Warm Air Heating.

Warm Air Heating: What is it?

Warm air heating works in the following way:

  • The system has a vent to the outside of your property which it uses to draw air in.
  • The drawn in air is heated over a gas-powered flame (for the gas-powered type)
  • The warm air is provided into areas of your property via a system of:
    • Ducts.
    • Vents.
    • Grills.
  • The system is managed in a lot of cases by use of a thermostat.

What are the Different Types of Warm Air Heating?

There are three main versions of warm air heating systems available to you for your property.  These are:

Type: Air Source Heat Pump

A good way of thinking of this type of warm air heating system is to imagine an air conditioner unit but working to heat not cool.

This type of warm air heating has the capability of producing heated air from an outside source even when the temperatures outside the property is cold so ensuring warm air for your home.

Type: Gas fired

This approach basically heats cold air by use of a gas flame.

Type: Ground Source Heat Pump

This type of system makes use of a pipe system that gets put underground on your properties grounds.  Air is moved through the underground pipes and gets warmed so it can then be utilised to heat your home.  This works as not far below ground level is a constant heat supply.

The Benefits of Warm Air Heating

There are quite a number of positive benefits to a warm air heating system that can make your home a pleasant warm place to be:

  • The time taken to warm your home is small with the latest technology warm air heating system.
  • You will have more room in your property as there are no ugly radiators hung on your walls.
  • The modern systems are very quite so you dont need to worry about noise.
  • The warm air heating system is an efficient heating approach that is cheaper than some alternative options.
  • Depending on your system choice you can have a control system that will give you a constant temperature so you have optimal control.
  • If you are a person who is disturbed by allergies you will like that there is an option for electronic filtration. This means a removal of up to 95% of particles in the air such as:
    • Pollen
    • Hunan hair
    • Per hair
    • Bacteria

Warm Air Heating: What do I need to consider?

There are a few points you may consider are a negative of a warm air heating system.  You should have a think about these prior to committing financially to this heating system option:

  • Quite a number of warm air heating system units will not have a water heating capability. This would mean that you will likely need to have in your property a separate water heating unit such as an immersion heater or a boiler for hot water provision.
  • If your house does not already have ducts from an exiting warm air heating system putting them in can be a challenge. It can also mean the possibility of having ducts that are visible in every room where you want the warm air to come out.
  • A warm air heating system will push air which can include allergy causing dust unless you have the filter option fitted.

Next Steps

If you would like to find out more about a warm air heating system for your property be it updating an older system or installing it as a new type of heating please give  ‘AddHeat’ a call and one of our friendly and helpful staff will do all they can to be of assistance to you with your warm air heating questions/queries.

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