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Who are Viessmann Boilers?

The Viessmann company are internationally renowned manufacturer of domestic boilers. Viessmann have developed an excellent wide range of hot water and heating solutions that are suited to the vast majority of homes. Viessmann was founded in 1917 and provides boilers created using the high standards associated with German engineering. As a testament to this Viessmann have been the recipient of several awards for its boilers such as the German Design Award and the Red Dot award. You will find the range offered by Viessmann not only wide in features but also in price options.

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Combination Boilers by Viessmann

Viessmann combination Boilers area all rated at ‘Class A’ energy efficiency.  Further they are well known for their cutting-edge technology.  In addition, every combination boiler in the range is:

  • Compact
  • Quiet
  • Adaptable to environment/room temperatures.

The Combination boiler range from Viessmann has been made to be appropriate to suite homes from a small to a large size and do not need space for a separate water tank/cylinder.  Please see below for details of the solutions:


Combination Boiler Series Sizes Size of Home
Vitodens 100-W Combi 26 – 35kW Small, medium and large-sized homes with one bathroom
Vitodens 050-W Combi 29 – 35kW Small, medium and large-sized homes with one bathroom
Vitodens 200-W Combi 26 – 35kW Small, medium and large-sized homes with one bathroom
Vitodens 111-W DHW Storage Combi 26 – 35kW Small, medium and large-sized homes with one bathroom
Vitodens 222-F Combi 19 – 35kW Small, medium and large-sized homes with one bathroom
Viessmann Vitodens 242-F Combi 18 – 26kW Small to medium-sized homes with one bathroom


System Boilers by Viessmann

Viessmann system boilers are designed to be easy to install and have an efficiency rating of ‘A’.  The boilers are also designed with leading-edge technology.  This type of boiler unlike a combination style boiler requires a cylinder for the storage of heated water but, does not require a cold-water tank to be situated in a loft space.  This type of boiler is a very good option for a larger type of home which has greater than one bathroom.

System boilers by Viessmann rise above their competition due to their technology.  Viessmann’s system boilers are capable of adjusting the heating temperature in accordance with the outside climate.  This is really convenient feature on cold dark nights.

Viessmann system boilers options include:

System Boiler Series Sizes Size of Home
Vitodens 100-W System 26 – 35kW Small, medium and large-sized homes with multiple bathrooms
Vitodens 200-W System 19 – 35kW Small, medium and large-sized homes with multiple bathrooms

Open Vent Boilers by Viessmann

Open Vent or heat only boilers by Viessmann are A rated for energy efficiency.  They are most suited to homes where there is a large demand for hot water.  They are also an appropriate option for homes with low water pressure and/or old radiators.  In this type of system cold water is fed to the boiler from a loft-based tank and the boiler feeds hot water to a storage cylinder that is usually stored in the airing cupboard.  In addition, open vent boilers by Viessmann have an optional weather compensating upgrade as well as being simple to use.

Viessmann open vent boilers come in varying heat outputs and are suitable for a range of homes from small to large. The rage is detailed below:


System Boiler Series Sizes Size of Home
Vitodens 100-W Open Vent 19 – 35kW Small, medium and large-sized homes with More than one bathroom


Viessmann: Why should I choose them?

Viessmann are a long established (1917) company that utilise the latest technology ensuring their customers use less fuel and therefore save money.  Viessmann boilers receive many awards for their products.  Please don’t just take our word for how good Viessmann boilers are please check out reviews on web sites like Reviews.co.uk (at time of writing Viessmann have a 4.46 out of 5 rating) and Trust Pilot (4 out of 5 stars overall rating).   Please continue to read and we think you will agree with us that Viessmann boilers are superb.  Viessman have also been voted ‘Best Buy’ two years consecutively for its Vitodens boiler range.  The ‘Which’ (the United Kingdom’s largest consumer organisation) survey being based on hundreds of engineers and thousands of consumers.

‘Which’ scoring details:

  • The Viessmann brand had an overall score of 83%. This we think you will agree is an excellent score by the trusted ‘Which’ organisation.
  • Viessmann got maximum marks for:
    • Customer score and engineer recommendation.
    • Reliability.
    • Build Quality.

Although Viessmann boilers are clearly amongst the best in the world they do have the potential as with all things to occasionally develop a fault requiring a qualified engineer.  However, by having your boiler serviced yearly will help to minimise any issues and also help to have minor issues corrected before it can become an expensive issue.

In order to aid your engineer to deal with issues that can potentially arise the Viessmann boilers have the ability to display a fault code.  This code aids your engineers to get to the root of the problem quickly reducing cost.  We do however recommend having any fault dealt with swiftly.


Viessmann Boiler Controls

There are a very good range of boiler controls and heating controls available for Viessmann boilers.  These controllers will need to be matched to the Viessmann boiler you are intending to put in.  These controls will aid you in manging temperature, timings and getting energy saving.  The range of controllers include:

  • Smart intelligent controls
    • Use your smart phone to change your hot water and heating
  • Weather compensating controls
  • Wireless room thermostats
  • Wireless remote controls

When you have the right controls for your boiler you can save energy and therefore money on your bills for fuel.


What to do next:

If you decide on a Viessmann boiler for your residence we very strongly recommend you get advice from a fully qualified heating engineer to acquire guidance on what will work with your existing systems pipework/components.  Also, we recommend when you are comparing prices you compare the full price of the job including installation.  The reason we recommend this is some systems are easier and therefore cheaper to fit than others so affects the total cost.

Here at ‘Add Heat’ our fully qualified and friendly staff will be most happy to take your call and offer you advice on the Viessmann boiler range.  Please give us a call and see how our knowledgeable staff we can help.

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